Risk Management & Compliance

Risk management and compliance is important to maintain and protect corporate governance from considerable fines as a result of non-compliance.

Risk management refers to the identification, analysis, evaluation and risk control.


Compliance is required by the legislation - Work, Health and Safety Act, which has come into effect as of January 2012. It is vital that your business has appropriate strategies in place to implement the ever changing legislation and regulations that are introduced by the government and regulatory state bodies.

Risk management and compliance are the fundamental obligations of companies and businesses, that need to comply with organisation’s objectives and be effectively managed. The company management or directors must provide for health, safety and welfare of its workers to prevent injury in the workplace, which could lead to significant penalties, loss of licence and law suits.

The legislation such as: the Corporations Act, Trade Practices Act, Privacy Act, Fair Trading Act or Insurance Act, among much other legislation, may affect your business function and its authority to continue to operate.

At Les Keady Legal, our lawyers provide a comprehensive service to assist to protect you and maintain compliance of your business with current legislation and regulations through various strategies to prevent injury, illness and loss of business.

Our team at Les Keady Legal, based south Sydney, enables us to meet your business obligations by implementing compliance systems in many areas including:

  • Risk assessment and reviews
  • Hazard identification, management and evaluation
  • Implementation and coordination of risk management
  • Reduce consequences of risk
  • Monitor compliance within organisational policy, regulation and legislation
  • Drafting strategies
  • Trade practices and consumer law: advertising, licensing and disclosure
  • Evaluate costs for treatment options
  • Financial services and consumer credit
  • Shareholder agreements and investor relations
  • Manager’s duties: insurance and indemnity
  • Liaising with regulatory bodies such as Work Cover
Our lawyers offer services to private and public organisations to carry out reviews to ensure compliance systems meet the legislative requirements. Our experienced team can provide you with advice that is tailored to your business needs. The more proactive you are regarding legal obligations to manage and control risks, the more efficient your business will be. We are here to help. We provide a mobile service and are based at Sans Souci, about 20 km south of Sydney CBD.