Planning, Environmental & Local Government Law

Environment and planning law is tangible, complex and extends to all areas of the law including major infrastructure projects, ecologically sustainable development, energy, water, land contamination and planning of land use. The physical effects of the environment and planning law are visible in our surroundings.


The Environmental Planning and Assessment Act (EPA) 1979 is the main legislation that controls the land use in NSW by guiding the development process and supervision of way the land is used.

Our Lawyers are very experienced in provision of advice in complex matters of planning and environment for local government and land developers. We provide advice that you can understand so that you can comply with the current planning and environmental laws.

Our south Sydney based legal team, provides advice to: individual and business developers, resource companies, property owners, affected neighbours, environmental consultants, infrastructure providers, engineers, construction companies, financial institutions, organisations in the agribusiness, councils and government agencies.

At Les Keady Legal, our friendly and experienced lawyers can provide you with advice on the most complex issues associated with environmental and planning matters. These include:

  • Advice to understand your rights and avoid fines
  • Environmental compliance (approvals and orders)
  • Advice in emergency response situations
  • The plans of use and management of land that is classified as ‘community’ land
  • Acquisition of land and valuation
  • Environmental licences and permits
  • Pollution incidents and management of contaminated land
  • Commercialisation of environmental products
  • Approval, assessment and land access
  • Drafting contracts, environmental planning agreements and negotiations
  • Disputes with local councils regarding issues such as: refusal of approval, obtaining and defending consents or permits
  • Environmental compliance and due diligence
  • Energy efficiency, water issues and waste management
  • Heritage issues
  • Environmental risk assessment and biodiversity
  • Native vegetation clearance
  • Tribunal and court proceedings as well as dispute resolution
Our team strives to understand your individual situation and business needs to assist you in the best possible way by provision of practical strategies and cost effective solutions to achieve your goals. We can assist you in advice on any issue of environmental, developmental or planning nature. It is always best to get legal advice to save time, misunderstandings, legal costs or even be at risk of prosecution due to an offence. We all need to take care and respect our environment. You and our team can work together to achieve solutions to attain your goals without breaching environmental laws. We provide a mobile service and are based at Sans Souci, about 20 km south of Sydney CBD.