Notary Public Sydney

A Notary Public refers to a person who is recognised by law to have the ability to authenticate, prepare, certify, witness and certify original and copied legal documents for use overseas.


Les Keady Legal team, located in the south Sydney, are able to provide assistance to clients who require documentation to be certified and valid for use overseas. The Justice of the Peace of Australia is only recognised here in Australia and not allowed to witness signing of documents that are for overseas use. The notary public can witness signing of documentation and many other related matters to documentation, with international recognition.

A notary public is usually a lawyer, who has been appointed by the State Supreme Court and given statutory powers. The notary public will apply their official seal next to their signature, on official documents. The genuine individual seal and signature of the public notary is kept on a data base of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, registered with the NSW Supreme Court and local Notary Society.

If you have documentation that requires you to have it signed and witnessed so that it is recognised overseas, Les Keady Legal team can assist you in this matter.
The services we provide include:

Authentication of official government documents which need to be used overseas

Preparation of documents such as power of attorney, wills, legal contracts to be used overseas

Certification of Copy Documents such as: passports, birth certificates

Notarisation of Company and Trademark documents

Certificates of No Impediment to Marriage

Certifying Copies of original documents

Witnessing Signatures on certain documents such as: statutory declarations, power of attorney, contracts, affidavids

Affidavits, Oaths and Affirmations

Binding documents presented for Authentication

Consent to Travel Documents (eg. for a child travelling alone or one parent)

At Les Keady Legal, we are able to act as a notary public and assist you in the best possible way. We provide a mobile service and are based at Sans Souci, about 20 km south of Sydney CBD.