Mediation refers to a confidential meeting between parties in dispute, managed by a professional mediator, who facilitates discussion between the parties in dispute, and assists the parties to negotiate and reach an agreement. The agreement as a result of mediation is not binding, unless it is recorded afterwards in a Consent Order or other binding legal document.

Mediation is an informal method of dispute resolution. Mediation is not the same as counselling and does not involve giving legal advice.

Legal representation is not necessary during mediation. It is advisable that legal advice is obtained prior to mediation so that further assistance can be provided during the mediation process if needed.

At Les Keady Legal, based in south Sydney, we provide services to clients who are in dispute with another party in civil and commercial matters.

We assist our client by:

  • Listening to our clients
  • providing practical advice on the situation presented before mediation,
  • represent our client during mediation,
  • assist in formulating offers,
  • assess offers presented by the other party (if practical and reasonable),
  • draft outcomes and conditions of agreement,
  • advise of expectation of post-mediation as well as mediator obligations

There are many benefits of using mediation. The mediation process is confidential and conducted by an independent third party, a mediator. The mediator uses their skills and experience to guide the meeting by: identifying issues, exploring possible bases for agreement, reaching an agreement or evaluating the consequences of not settling.

The mediation process and outcomes is flexible as the client and other party are in control by: choosing a neutral person to be the mediator, assisting with formulating the agenda or issues to be discussed, choosing date, time and place that is convenient to both parties.

The client can reach an agreement with the other party or s/he can withdraw from the process of mediation, if it is too stressful or emotional. Mediation process is cost effective compared to litigation. We believe that an agreement is most likely to be reached in most cases using mediation, and use litigation as the last resort.

Our team at Les Keady Legal includes civil and commercial matter experts, who will enable to achieve your agreement prospects during the mediation process. Our experienced lawyers are also skilled to act on your behalf during mediation. We provide a mobile service and are based at Sans Souci, about 20 km south of Sydney CBD.